Greystoke WI

Greystoke WI was formed on Tuesday 6 January 1920 when a meeting was held in the Reading Room. Lady Mabel Howard was elected WI President. Subscriptions were then 2/- (10p) per year or 2d per month.
Where We Meet
Village Hall, Greystoke, Penrith
When We Meet
1st Thursday of the month at 7.30 pm


JANUARY Dinner at The Brantwood

FEBRUARY ‘Why women over 60 should exercise’ – Rachel Mills, physiotherapist

MARCH Magician – Stuart Bowie

APRIL Travelling Players – Mike Head

MAY Calories and Corsets – Pat Hall and Pat Martin

JUNE Day trip to Christine Davidson’s garden, Tithe Barn, 2 pm. Lunch at Hayton Farm Shop, 12 noon

JULY Tales of a country bobby – Glyn Titterington

AUGUST Open night: Slide show on Cumbrian gardens – John Maddison

SEPTEMBER Talk on needles – Marjorie Bridgway

OCTOBER Guest night: Michael Roberts, Auctioneer

NOVEMBER Talk on her memory box – Jacqueline Hucks

DECEMBER Annual meeting