Greystoke WI

Greystoke WI was formed on Tuesday 6 January 1920 when a meeting was held in the Reading Room. Lady Mabel Howard was elected WI President. Subscriptions were then 2/- (10p) per year or 2d per month.
Where We Meet:
Village Hall, Greystoke, Penrith
When We Meet:
1st Thursday of the month at 7.30 pm


JANUARY Dinner at The Brantwood

FEBRUARY ‘Why women over 60 should exercise’ – Rachel Mills, physiotherapist

MARCH Magician – Stuart Bowie

APRIL Travelling Players – Mike Head

MAY Calories and Corsets – Pat Hall and Pat Martin

JUNE Day trip to Christine Davidson’s garden, Tithe Barn, 2 pm. Lunch at Hayton Farm Shop, 12 noon

JULY Tales of a country bobby – Glyn Titterington

AUGUST Open night: Slide show on Cumbrian gardens – John Maddison

SEPTEMBER Talk on needles – Marjorie Bridgway

OCTOBER Guest night: Michael Roberts, Auctioneer

NOVEMBER Talk on her memory box – Jacqueline Hucks

DECEMBER Annual meeting