Cummersdale WI

Name: Cummersdale WI
About: Cummersdale WI was founded in 1952 and currently has 16 members from Cummersdale and the wider Carlisle area, new members are welcome from where ever they live within the Carlisle area. Our programme has variety of speakers and outings and show is held annually in September featuring cookery horticulture and craft which are always well subscribed to. OFFICERS: PRESIDENT – Janette Ivison, SECRETARY – Maria Jones, TREASURER – Avril Davidson
Where We Meet: Embassy Ballroom, Cummersdale, Carlisle
When We Meet: 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm


JANUARY Annual meeting

FEBRUARY Healthy living – Mandy McGrath

MARCH Millinery: talk, display and try-on – Sara Gadd

APRIL Birthday party

MAY Forensics – David Holme

JUNE Carwinley Preserves – Catherine and Chris

JULY Outing

AUGUST The life of Gladys Aylward – Carol Purves


OCTOBER Parliament – Gary Hart

NOVEMBER Life in Japan – Jonquil Melrose-Woodman

DECEMBER Christmas dinner