Cumdivock WI

Cumdivock WI
Name: Cumdivock WI
About: Our WI was formed in 1950 and have about 20 members; we like to enter any competitions and enjoy having a go at anything. We have some very talented members and visitors are always very welcome. One of our photos is from our Shawk Valley Group evening and the other is from 2013 Christmas meal at the Gallo Rosso (now closed). As you can see we like to eat out!!! We really must put on some more photos – its just getting them off the phone!! Please feel free to come and join us for any of our meetings. If you need any more information phone 07863550266
Where We Meet: Cumdivock WI Hall, Cumdivock, Dalston
When We Meet: 1st Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm


JANUARY – No meeting in January
FEBRUARY – 7th February – Rachel Rodway “Carlisle Food Bank” – competition a fridge magnet; Very interesting Lady though it is sad that the need for this service is increasing. Please support anyway you can. The type of food needed isn’t alway what you would think. Some families only have a kettle to heat/make food with. It gives you something to think about. They don’t just need food either. Lately I have seen a request in our local church that they need shampoo etc for the homeless too.
MARCH – 7th March – Jill Musgrave – “Colours of the Rainbow – Our beginnings” – competition a pin cushion; Both Ladies were very passionate about making items from material and started this business in Denton Holme but still organise some craft fares. Their enthusiasm has wiped off onto us and we are having them back in December for a Christmas decoration workshop.
APRIL – 4th April – Members Night – Competition a flower arrangement in a cup. Turned out the speakers for this evening were the Ebbatson’s from Dalston Aggregates; very informative and interesting insight on how the business came about and progressed to the business we see today.
MAY – 2nd May – Gill Hazelhurst – “Circle dancing” – competition a pretty plate. Gill was great and all that could get up and have a try did so. It was every relaxing and enabled you to forget everything else that may have been on your mind because you had to concentrate on the dancing. She is up classes in the Victory Hall and may well see some of us there.
JUNE – Our AGM, 6th June – fish and chip supper supplied from our local Dalston Fryer was followed by our AGM meeting. Not a terribly exciting night – mostly business but supper was lovely.
JULY – Our Birthday Party, 4th July – This year we had an afternoon meeting. We invited some local ladies and members from the Dalston WI to join us. Our theme was the “Votes for Women” The committee dressed in the theme and had sachets on made by a member of the committee in the purple and green colours. Our speaker was Tracy Fawcett who gave a talk entitled “Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere” She was excellent and we all know where she got the title from. Following her talk we had afternoon tea – all made by our members. Lovely day and it was very warm too – nightmare for chocolate cakes cream etc but we managed.
AUGUST – 1st August; We are off out; we are having lunch at Hundith Hill and off into Cockermouth and going to visit J B Banks & Son Ltd ironmongers museum and then spend the rest of the afternoon as we wish. Should be great day out.
SEPTEMBER – 5th September; Susan Allen, The Wordsworth Trust – “Dorothy Wordsworth’s Journals” ; competition a book of Poetry
OCTOBER – 3rd October; Sara Bradley, Community Falls Prevention Age UK Carlisle & Eden – “Up & About campaign” Competition – a walking stick
NOVEMBER – 7th November; Caroline Johnson, General Manager, Oak Tree Animal’s Charity (Cumwhinton) – “Helping animals in our region”; Competition – an animal ornament
DECEMBER – 5th December; Looking forward to the workshop this evening with Gill Musgrave, Colours of the Rainbow; competition – a candle

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