Cockermouth WI

Cockermouth WI
Name: Cockermouth WI
About: Cockermouth WI is a new group started in October 2014. We welcome new members and guests. In addition to the monthly meetings other activities are: Book Group, Quilting Group for all abilities, Craft Group, Food group and our new Social group. Trips far and wide, and charity fundraising. Email for further details
Where We Meet: Methodist Church Room, Lorton Rd, Cockermouth CA13 9RH
When We Meet: 7.00 pm for 7.30pm on the first Monday of the month


JANUARY Community Waste Officer – Sarah McNeill

FEBRUARY West Cumbria Carers – Jeff Carol

MARCH U3A Latin American Dance – Jill Greenhalgh

APRIL Discussion of WI Resolutions and Easter Crafts

MAY Plants – Helen Laidlaw

JUNE Funny Farm and Beyond – Jackie Moffatt


AUGUST Meditate with Joy – Kathy Hick

SEPTEMBER Friends Against Scams, NAT WEST – Emma Loveridge

OCTOBER Annual general meeting

NOVEMBER First Responders – Steve Wilson

DECEMBER Christmas Social

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