Causewayhead WI

We were formed in 1927 and our members are a lively, friendly and active group who enjoy outings. We have adopted a stretch of Silloth West Beach and The Beach Gang clean it regularly. We also carry out surveys for Marine Conservation Trust. Our Garden Gang maintain the garden in front of the Discovery Centre in Silloth. Our Christmas Lunch Party was held at White Heather Hotel, Kirkbride this year. In 2010 a Book Reading Group was formed. The first book was Alan Bennet’s An Uncommon Reader. The Book Club meet monthly. Each Month we have 2 competitions, and a Single Flower competition.
Where We Meet
Christ Church, Silloth
When We Meet
2nd Wednesday of the month at 2 pm


FEBRUARY Members’ afternoon

MARCH Japan – Ken Graham

APRIL the work of The Samaritans – Mary Shelley

MAY Resolution and members’ meeting
6th May: Birthday party

JUNE History of Stead McAlpin’s print works – Rosalinde Downing

JULY Pewter work and jewellery – Lesley Connolly

AUGUST No meeting

SEPTEMBER Training to be a journalist in war zones – Caroline Neil

OCTOBER The strolling magician – Stewart Bowie

NOVEMBER Watchtree Nature Reserve – William Little

DECEMBER Annual meeting


JANUARY Members’ afternoon