Causewayhead WI

Name: Causewayhead WI
About: We were formed in 1927 and our members are a lively, friendly and active group who enjoy outings. We have adopted a stretch of Silloth West Beach and The Beach Gang clean it regularly. We also carry out surveys for Marine Conservation Trust (see picture of Frances recording a day’s collection). Our Garden Gang maintain the garden in front of the Discovery Centre in Silloth. Our Christmas Lunch Party, held at White Heather Hotel, Kirkbride this year. In 2010 a Book Reading Group was formed. The first book was Alan Bennet’s An Uncommon Reader. The Book Club meet monthly. Each Month we have 2 competitions, see programme, and a Single Flower competition.
Where We Meet: The Community Hall, Petteril Street, Silloth
When We Meet: 2nd Wednesday of the month at 2 pm


JANUARY Personal memories – Lawrence Marshall

FEBRUARY Voting for women – Julie Wooding

MARCH Life on the Shetland Isles – Ken Graham

APRIL Mosaic planter wellies – Maureen Sharp

MAY Resolution and members’ meeting
1st May: Birthday party

JUNE South American Wildlife – Steve Doyle

JULY Gemstones and jewellery – Lesley Connolly

AUGUST No meeting

SEPTEMBER Wall hangings – Shirley Elliott

OCTOBER A farrier’s work – Nathan Studholme

NOVEMBER Curthwaite to Beijing on a motorbike – Mike Cowen

DECEMBER Annual meeting


JANUARY Members’ afternoon