Cumbria Cumberland Federation Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is elected by WI members every 2 years and the Chairman is elected by the Trustees. They control the finances of Cumbria Cumberland Federation and consider the demands on expenditure made by the Committees and the Officers. All Board members have special responsibilities in the running of the Federation and are Trustees under Charity Law.

Ilene Forsyth
Federation Chairman

Longtown WI



Sandra Clifford
Hon Treasurer

Federation Archives

Gamblesby & District WI


Mary Lawson
Vice Chairman

Denman Representative

County Raffle Organiser

Kingstown & Moorville WI

Kathleen Bowron
Vice Chairman

200 Club Organiser

Kirkandrews on Eden WI

Jennifer Baker
Assistant Treasurer

County News Editor

Melmerby WI

Kris Longshaw

Publications Officer  

Lorton WI

Margaret Pattinson

Craft Organiser

Kirkbampton WI

Penny Coulthard

Stoneraise, Wreay and District WI


Marion Clarke

Santon Bridge WI


Dawn Eyre

Causewayhead WI


Ann Kirkpatrick

Longtown WI